The gallery below will display photos and details of the great Texas Longhorn Auction products that will be catalogued for the Trails West Texas Longhorn Sale. 

If you require more information on these items please use the Contact Us form.


2018 trails west buckle 800p

BOB BERG 'Titanium' Trophy Buckle.
This lovely buckle was custom made for us by legendary buckle maker Bob Berg, it is a one off and commemorates the annual Trails West Texas Longhorn Sale.

condiment bowl spoon

'HORN' Condiment Bowl and Spoon
This condiment bowl and spoon was hand made from genuine cattle horn and pewter by Ross Plant. It is a beautiful product and unique in that absolutely no two are the same; it will take pride of place on your dining table or sideboard.


d7spur logo

D7 SPUR TEXAS LONGHORNS are proud to present a good quality selection of cattle for this sale. There are various grades and types of cattle to suit breeders, Trophy Steer buyers and the Time Event buyers. Grades offered for sale are from Full blood females, T3 –T5 Females & Steers ,Bulls, Full blood Steers, Trophy Steers , Time Event Stock. We breed for Temperament, Structural Soundness, Conformation, Good Horn Growth and Colour using Bulls available in Australia and importing new genetics from America & Canada....Gordon & Desley Davidson

brigalow logoBRIGALOW LONGHORNS are proud to offer 6 young heifers ranging from T5 – Full Blood. All our heifers have been extensively handled and haltered at an early age. They all are extremely quiet and are used to young children as our two young daughters have also been very “hands on” in their care. We are committed to using the best genetics available to us from America and Canada to breed quality Longhorns that are easy to handle. We have enjoyed watching these heifers grow and are certain that they will make a great additions to your Longhorn herd……Wes and Hayley Offord

hbl logo2 400p

HORSESHOE B LONGHORNS are proud of our cattle and proud to be able to offer to other breeders in Australia the chance to own some top quality registered full-blood heifers, bulls and trophy steers at this sale. Over the last 20 years we have used artificial insemination & embryo transfer utilizing some of the best genetics available in our breeding program. This has enabled us to concentrate on improving structure, temperament & of course horn length. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about these cattle or anything else that you may be interested in…..Michael & Lynda Bethel

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